Startup development offshoring/outsourcing – a research

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You may be wondering why am I interested in startup offshoring/outsourcing to CEE? Let me explain.

For the large part of my professional life so far I was involved in startups. One of those startups is Code Sprinters, a company I did start in 2007 that is now the leading provider of training, consulting and coaching in Agile, Lean and modern software development methods in Poland.

But Code Sprinters started as a software company, an outsourced software development  company. Most of our clients were startups and we have been building the core of their products for them.

We don’t do it anymore – we stopped in 2010 as the training business grew and become our main focus. But there were other companies at the time in Krakow that were doing the same thing – outsourced development for startups.  Some of them exist to this day and new ones have been opened since.

Same thing is happening in other countries through CEE. And besides smaller and larger companies there are also freelancers selling their services through Odesk or Elance and others. Some of them even band together into virtual teams. Some startups decided to actually open offices and hire their own staff somewhere in Easter Europe.

Recently I have been again active in the startup industry, though in a different capacity. As I’m now meeting startup founders I find many of them consider outsourcing or offshoring their development to Poland or other CEE countries.  I sometimes give advice or even coach them on how to approach this, since I have been on the ‘other side’ for a couple of years. However, I do realize my experience is limited to my own point of view – projects I have been part of, startups I know personally well enough.   

So I thought it would be interesting to learn more about this specific phenomenon of startup offshoring/outsourcing to CEE. However, there are very few sources that would concentrate on this phenomenon, hence the idea to create a survey and get some more insights. 

So – if you are an owner/founder/manager of a startup that outsourced its development to CEE would you please fill in my simple survey and in this way help me to give better advice to those who now consider doing it?

Thank you in advance! 

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