About me

My name is Andy Brandt. This site is both my professional website and a statement of my beliefs.

In the last years the world of management has been changing and there is now less rigidity and more agility also in bigger companies. What I have always found natural is now becoming “cool” under catchy names like “Management 3.0” (a great book BTW) or “Radical Management” (another great book).

This is very good, however I believe there is still too much concentration on processes and tools (even if they are now stickies and games not Gantt charts and reporting spreadsheets) rather than people. And there is still too much dogmatism – even if it is fueled by passion for those new methods. I believe a more
balanced approach to leadership and management is what is (and always was) needed. This balanced, pragmatic leadership is something I have been trying to find ever since I first had to lead and inspire others.

My style and way in which I approached my role as a leader & manager was always more suited for the fascinating world of startups and so far I have been involved in five, two of which I have founded myself. I think startups are the most creative part of the business landscape, with more passion and opportunities for professional development than traditional corpos. After experiencing both worlds I know companies that succeed in maintaing a startup culture are my natural habitat, suiting not just my style, but also values.

I have been active in the IT industry since my first job at a computer lab in 1989. Over the years I have been involved in many projects and companies in different roles (for details: LinkedIn). For most of my career I have been a project manager and a manager, working more with people than computers. My specialty is building motivated, driven technology teams, creating environments that help people excel and grow. I have experience in creating in-house teams as well as nearshoring in the CEE. Plus I have ample experience in applying agile methods on all levels.

Read more about Pragmatic Leadership in the introduction.

Also, since 2005 I maintain a more personal blog under www.andybrandt.net.